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Surface cleaning for floors ­čÄČ

It is not always necessary to remove the polish completely. The surface cleaning is then sufficient. Use surface cleaning agents e.g. HETI Jyty and HETI Rehti.

Video: Surface cleaning for floors -video

1. Prepare the polish remover solution according to the instructions in the bucket. Apply the detergent solution to the area to be removed and allow to work as directed.  Apply the solution to the area that you can handle without letting the solution dry.  Spread the solution with a scouring pad, pouring the bucket may spill the solution in the wrong place. A cleaning towel under the bucket prevents the product from leaving marks on the floor.

2. Choose a suitable pad for surface cleaning and work the floor. It is a good idea to drive the area in a cross-machine direction for good results.

3. Remove the cleaning solution from the floor with a wet wacuum cleaner. It is a good idea to put in the water tank immediately HETI Vaahdoton, as the cleaning agent may foam strongly in the water-tank. It is advisable to keep the wet vacuum cleaner on the dry side of the floor so that its tires do not get dirty with the cleaning agent.

4.Wipe with moist cloth the treated area 1-2 times to obtain a clean adhesive surface for the floor polish.

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