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Preparing the cleaning solution 🎬

Dosing of detergents is important from the point of view of occupational safety and cleanliness. Also, unnecessary environmental stress and cleanliness costs are important.

Video: Dispensing of cleaning agents

Dosage steps and other considerations

1. Hands and eyes should be protected when preparing the cleaning solution. The dosage pump is labeled with the dose given by the dosing pump.

2. The HETI cleaning solution bottle has a pre-printed scale of 1 dl. A solution label is attached to the flat edge of the bottle.

3. The solution bottle should first contain water and then the cleansing agent. The HETI bottle is ergonomic. It's easy to keep in hand thanks to its design.

4. A big overdose. The substance first and then the water causes foaming

5. Overdose is shown in the dye in the cleaning solution.

6. Prepreparing of cleaning clothes. Measure the correct amount of cleaning solution into the jug and pour the solution into the clean bucket. 

Required tools

Required safety equipment

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