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How to open a clogged drain? ūüé¨

Effective drain opener for plastic, copper and cast iron piping. Quickly and efficiently decomposes organic waste accumulated in pipelines, such as hair, paper, food waste, fat, etc.

Video: How to use HETI Järeä

How do I open a clogged drain?

1. Use goggles and gloves

2. Pour water into the sink to rinse away any excess chemicals

3. Make sure that the sink is grained off water. Measure out the necassary amount of HETI Järeä and pour it down the drain

4. Pour water over the granules

NOTE! As HETI Järeä reacts strongly with water, it is important to follow right procedure


Product numbers, package sizes

15737814   500 g

15737815   5 kg


pH  14



Required products

Required safety equipment

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