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HETI Tahraton Spray 🎬

Ready to use solution for cleaning and stain removal of textile surfaces. Also suitable for cleaning hard surfaces. Excellent for stain removal and neutralizing odors from textile surfaces. Also suitable for pre-treatment of dirty laundry

Video: How to remove stains?

1. Stains are easiest to remove as soon as they are born.

2. Soak a damp stain with a cleaning towel or disposable towel. 

3. Spray the product on a surface.

4. Lightly wipe/rub the surface with a cleaning cloth or sponge.

5. If necessary, test the color fastness of the textile before use.

6. In laudry spray directly onto the stain and wash normally in a washing machine.


• Easy-to-use, effective stain remover
• Binds and neutralizes odors on textile surfaces
• Brightens the color of the textile surface
• Does not require rinsing
• Fresh and pleasant scent
• Improves the removal of stains in laundry

• Furniture
• Car benches
• Tablecloths
• Dirty laundry pre-treatment

pH 8

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