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HETI Puhdas Uuni

Cleanser for self-cleaning ovens. A strongly alkaline cleanser for cleaning of fan ovens, grills, bakery ovens and cooker hoods made of stainless steel. Removes very effectively burned and dried food scraps and grease-crusted surfaces of the oven and cooking dishes. Not suitable for aluminium

The dish is connected to the automatic dispenser system of the oven/grill. The product can also be
foamed or spread as such. HETI Puhdas Uuni is diluted in ratio 1 to 10 for cold and cooled surfaces. Warm the oven to between 50-70 °C. If you use higher temperatures, the solution may steam and discolor the
steel. After duration of effect (max. 5 min.) remove the separated dirt and rinse well with water. HETI Puhdas Uuni must not be mixed with other agents.

pH concentrate and dilution 14

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