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HETI Puhdas Joutsen dishwashing tablet

Swan labeled HETI Puhdas Joutsen dishwasher tablet has been developed for dishwashers with a manual detergent dispenser. Because of the effective enzyme composition, you give your washed dishes a shine even in low temperatures (+45°) without affecting the environment. The tablets have been packed in a water-soluble plastic wrap so that you can handle them safely and easily.

• Remove food scraps from dishes. Prerinse very dirty dishes.
• Put the tablet in the dispenser box. Don’t remove the protective plastic wrap of the
• Choose the suitable wash program. The temperature recommendation is 45 - 70 C°.
• In the dishwasher, use rinse aid- and diswasher salt, if necessary.
• Dishes with gold, silver, wood or aluminium can be damaged if they are washed in the machine.


Dosage household dishwashers

HETI Konetiskitab annostelu eng

*The most common in Finland

**Use also dishwasher salt

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