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HETI Plus Dip

For manual soaking and bleaching of dishes. For cleaning surfaces in industrial kitchens as well as sanitary and wet facilities. Also suitable for cleaning the dish-washer and floor drains, for example. The product is suitable for soaking cutlery, porcelain and plastic dishes as well as stainless steel dishes. The product is not suitable to be used on hot surfaces or aluminium, as the product forms toxic gases if over 40°C.

• Hypochlorite-based
• Bleaches effectively

Use instructions
Soak the dishes in a basin and leave to soak for 15-30 mins, depending on how dirty the dishes are. After soaking, carefully rinse the used container or wash in the dishwasher. Cleaning the dishwasher: add the product in the washing agent container before emptying. Turn the dishwasher on, empty the tank after washing and rinse well.



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Shelf life
Keeps for about one year from the date of manufacture. If the product is older than one year, dose 10% more of the product. Must be stored in room temperature.


pH 14 concentrate
      12-13 dilution depending on dosage



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