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HETI Pehmeä

Suited well to microfibers and washing of cleaning laundry. Can also be used for delicates and sports textiles. Not suitable for wool or silk. Does not contain bleaching agent or fragrances.

• For microfiber
• For white and colour wash
• For hand and machine wash
• For delicates (e.g. artificial fiber, baby laundry)

Wash your laundry with full machine. Dose detergent correctly according to the degree of soiling and water hardness. Let the machine dry out with its door open between washes. Cleaning mops and cloths should be pre-cleaned from the loose dirt before washing.




HETI Pehmeä annostelu EN

Shelf life

Keeps for three years from the date of manufacture. Keep the room protected from heat and light.



9 solution

9 concentrate

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