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HETI Moniteho Joutsen

A cleanser and conditioner for maintenance cleaning of any hard surfaces. Suited for manual and mechanical methods



Prepare the solution by following the dosing instructions. If necessary, increase the dose, but avoid overdosing.

Cleaning treatment with manual methods: Wipe the surface using a floor dryer and towel or by mopping.

Cleaning treatment with mechanical methods: Dose the conditioner in a combination scrubber and wash the surface.

Conditioning polishing: Spread the conditioner on the surface. Polish the surface with a slow or high-speed floor machine.


• Tenside-based cleanser and detergent
• Cleans effectively and conditions the surface
• The conditioning agent prevents dirt from clinging to
the surface and makes stain removal easier.
• Perfumed or unperfumed 
• Low-foaming
• Does not form deposits on the surface if dosing
instructions are followed
• Product has a Nordic Swan Ecolabel
• The unperfumed product is entitled to use the label of the Allergy,
Skin and Asthma Federation.


Moniteho dosing


Product numbers, package sizes

15738140  1 L   unperfumed
15738141  5 L   unperfumed

15746247  1 L   perfumed
15746248  5 L   perfumed


pH product 8.3

solution 8.0


moniteho piktogram


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