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HETI Jälkidesi

Alcohol-based ready-to-use solution for daily disinfection of clean surfaces of food and other high hygiene facilities and equipment. Use the product for interim or final disinfection to ensure a hygienic result.


Ready to use. Finishes the cleaning result effectively by destroying germs, most of the mould and yeasts and viruses such as norovirus on the surfaces.

• Evaporates from surfaces quickly

• Does not require a separate rinse

• Does not contain surfactants

• Suitable for alcohol resistant surfaces and surfaces which come into contact with food

The product has been tested according to EN 14476, EN 1650 and EN 1276.



Spray the product on a clean and dry surface by using e.g. a spray bottle or a pressure sprayer can. You can also dose directly on the surface and wipe it with a single-use towel such as HETI microfibre towel.



To be used undiluted.


pH about 8.0


Product numbers, package sizes

15748575    500 ml

15785970    5 L

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