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HETI Hohtava ūüé¨

HETI Hohtava is a gloss finish polisher. Polished flooring is durable, impressive and easy to keep clean. Regular care and protection will extend the life of the material.

Video: How to polish floors?

1. Choose a floor wax according to the desired gloss level and floor material: HETI Matta, HETI Heleä or HETI Hohtava

2. Shake well before use. Pour the floor polisher directly onto the floor for the right amount. Hold the wax can in the width direction inclined to prevent the wax from splashing. Apply the wax evenly to the floor with a wax mop. Put the used wax mop into the plastic bag so that it does not dry during the drying of the wax layer. Rinse the wax mop as soon as the work is finished. Let the wax dry sufficiently before applying the second wax layer. Tip! Use clean shoes. Footwear can leave traces on the unprotected floor.


HETI Hohtava characteristics

  • For a beautiful, durable glossy¬† finish
  • Very durable against mechanical and chemical wear such as hand sanitisers
  • Easy to spread
  • Unscented
  • Excellent resistance to mechanical and chemical wear¬†such as HS and SHS methods

Productnumber, package size

1573777   5 L



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