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HETI Hohdokas

Polymer-based maintenance cleaner. It is suitable as a cleaning and care agent for all hard, treated surfaces for periodic maintenance cleaning. The product is also suitable for surface protection in both manual and machine methods. HETI Hohdokas leaves a matte glossy surface that is easy to keep clean.

Instruction for use

Prepare the working solution according to the separate dosing instructions. If necessary, increase the dose, but avoid overdose.

Daily cleaning, hand method: Wipe the surface with a floor dryer and towel or by mopping.

Daily cleaning, machine method: Dose HETI Hohdokas in a scribber dier tank and wash the surface.

Conditioning polishing:  Apply the conditioner agent to the surface. Polish the surface with a slow or fast turn floor care machine.

Floor protection: Apply the conditioner to the surface with a mop and allow to dry.



• Cleans and cares for the surface effectively
• Prevents dirt from sticking thanks to the caring ingredient and makes the removal of stains from the surface easier
• Unscented
• Low foam


Hohdokas annostelu Eng


 Productnumber, package size

1000000354    5 L



7 (product)

7 (solution)

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