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HETI Desipesu Pro

HETI Desipesu Pro is an aldehyde-free, high performance disinfectant cleaner with broad spectrum activity against bacteria, yeast and viruses. Suitable for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces in, for example sauna and showerrooms, professional kitchens and restaurants, shops, schools, food facilities, sports facilities, hospitals, nursing homes and healthcare facilities. HETI Desipesu Pro is a biocide which disinfecting power is based on quaternary ammonium compounds.


Dilute according to the application and required efficacy.

• Apply to hard surfaces by mopping, spray/foaming or wiping. Ensure the surface is completely wet after the mopping or wiping step.

• Alternatively, for veterinary surface disinfection, spray the diluted product onto the surface to be disinfected and leave for the required contact time.

• Disinfected surfaces which may come into contact with food must be rinsed with potable water.

• The product is not suitable for linoleum, waxed surfaces, anodized aluminum or nickel compounds.



For maintenance cleaning 5-10 ml/l

For disinfecting cleaning 10-60 ml/l



Dillution 11

Concentrate 13


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