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Daily cleaning of toilet premisies 🎬

Choose the detergent and its dosage according to the use of the toilet and the degree of soiling. Pre-wet the cleaning cloths and mops you use in the cleaning room.

Video: How to clean toilets every day?

1. First, complete the sanitary supplies.

2. Empty and clean the waste bins. Remember to wear protective gloves.

3. Wipe platform surfaces with a microfiber towel; door handles and their surroundings, light switch, dispenser tops and hangers, and wastebasket. Remember to also wipe the walls of dispensers and wastebins in their immediate surroundings. Always replace the cleaning cloth with a clean surface when changing the wipe.

4. Wash the hand basin and bidet with a dish brush. First wet the sink with water before applying the cleaning solution to the surfaces. Brush the surfaces with the dishwashing brush with the cleaning solution. Drain off any water that has been standing in the bidet hose. Rinse the sink using a dish brush. Finally, wipe and dry the surfaces from splashes with a microfibre cloth.

5. Wash the toilet bowl with a toilet brush and rinse the brush. If the toilet bowl is very dirty, flush the toilet and put HETI Sapu cleaning solution in the toilet bowl to act.

6. Wipe the toilet seat with a microfiber towel, going from clean to dirtier; the pull knob, the water tank, the splash marks on the wall next to the seat and the seat rings.

7. Wipe the floor with a floor dryer and a floor cloth.

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