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Cleaning the touch points of break rooms 🎬

Touch points are a lot of dirt and are touched by all people using break rooms. Identifying these contact points and good cleaning are very important for good hygiene. Always fold a clean surface from the cleaning towel when you change the wiping point.

Video: Cleaning the touch points of break rooms

1. In addition to the door handle, it is advisable to wipe the door of the refrigerator with a part of the surface surrounding the handle. Also take note of the door's "lips"

2. The microwave has many knobs and controls besides the door. Clean them thoroughly, because they have a lot of small grooves that get dirty easily.

3. The bottom of the hand towel dispenser is often the dirties part of the dispenser. Also wipe the splashes from the wall under the dispenser.

4. In addition to the handle, it is advisable to wipe the door around  the dishwasher as well as the door's “lips”

5. The water tap regulator and dishwasher handle are also very frequently touched points in the kitchen of the break rooms. 

6. Just like the other doors of the break rooms, you should carefully wipe the handle of the trash cabinet  and the surface surrounding the handle . Also note splashes inside the cabinet.

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