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Cleaning the shower premisies 🎬

The shower rooms are washed daily, depending on use. The foaming method is a quick and easy way to wash shower rooms.

Video: Cleaning the shower premisies


HETI Raspo Joutsen is ideal for cleaning shower rooms due to its foam resistance.


1. The surfaces are wetted with water before applying the cleaning agent.

2. The detergent is applied from the bottom to the top.

3. Wash the surfaces from the bottom up with a scouring pad or mop. The hand mop works well for the mechanical cleaning of faucets and other uneven surfaces.

4. Before the surfaces are rinsed, the soiled detergent solution can be removed with a dryer to speed up the rinsing. Rinse surfaces thoroughly.

5. The surfaces are dried with a clean hand mop and dryer.

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