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Cleaning the sauna benches ­čÄČ

Dirt coming into the saunas is caused by skin contact and sweating. The details of maintenance cleaning depend on the structures of the sauna, but the main tasks are the same in all kinds of saunas

Video: Cleaning the sauna benches

1. Make sure the sauna is cool. Do not use chlorine if the sauna is not allowed to cool completely before cleaning. Chlorine vaporizes and causes toxic gases. Sauna washing is started by watering the boards with warm water to make the woods open and to remove dirt.

2. The cleaning agent is preferably applied to the surfaces as a foam. The cleaning agent is applied from the bottom up.

3. The boards are washed on both sides with a edging tool or scrubber mop.

4. The benches are rinsed with cold water to close the causes of the wood.

5. Finally, the surfaces are dried with a clean squeegee


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